12-year MDRT Qualifying and Life member.
MDRT MCC Singapore Country Chair (2013-2015).

Gregory Fok, is a 12-year MDRT Qualifying and Life member who joined the insurance business since 2005 and struggled to barely qualify for MDRT in 2006. Thinking that it was his one and only time to qualify, he attended the annual meeting and that was where his life turned around. He went on to qualify for MDRT continuously every year to date.

He has been invited as a speaker in MDRT in 2016, 2017 and 2018 to share with fellow financial practitioners worldwide. He also has spoken at IFPAS (Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore) in 2013 and numerous other platforms with various insurance companies.

Greg has authored a book entitled “The Merchant of Time”. It is targeted at financially successful individuals and business owners. Financial advisors who have used the book to be given to their prospects and clients have used it to open the minds through the questions listed in the book. His business is generated by 98% through referrals which has been his strength since he started in 2005 and has strong target market on doctors, business owners and senior management

Whilst qualifying for MDRT every year consecutively from 2006 to date, he has also taken the leadership role as the MDRT MCC Chairperson, for year 2013 – 2015.